Primary Care Clinic Apex- Serving Sanford, NC

TDMD Primary Care: A Complete Solution for Your Medical Need

When choosing a primary healthcare service, people must consider what is more important to them and their families. Some people prefer accessible service and quick appointments with healthcare providers, while others may prefer an experienced professional who is more qualified in treating different age groups.

Being one of the leading Primary care clinics in Sanford, North Carolina, TDMD Primary Care is committed to helping you with your daily health problems. We offer a wide range of primary care services by a team of qualified and professional medical practitioners who are experienced in providing primary care to different age groups.

TDMD Primary care offers comprehensive medical facilities that meet the need and requirements of the different patient profiles and standards and are constantly improving as per industry standards. Our dedication and reliable services make us one of the leading primary care providers in Sanford and nearby areas. TDMD Primary care is constantly striving to ensure the complete care of its patients

Why Choose TDMD Primary care

Same day Appointment:

We know the importance of your well-being and are committed to providing a customized healthcare facility with professional coordination and supportive patient care. To provide the best possible service, our doctors treat patients over the age of 18 on a same-day appointment basis whenever needed.

Professional Doctors and well-equipped medical facilities:

TDMD, as a primary care service in Sanford, provides a team of skilled doctors with well-equipped medical facilities at an affordable price. We have an experienced and patient-friendly workforce that serves all areas and aims to improve patient satisfaction.

Easily Accessible

Our Primary care clinic in Sanford, NC, is open on Saturdays and Sundays, and we hope that, combined with low-cost care, it will help improve access to care for all patients. An appointment can be telephonic from Monday to Friday from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. We also offer home visits within a 25-mile radius of the clinic. For reservations, please call 919-758-7821.

One-stop solution for all your medical needs

We provide all types of Primary care services in Sanford and treat all acute and chronic medical conditions. We also offer minor surgery such as incision and abscess drainage, removal of skin tags, minor sutures, and removal of sutures. Common medicines, affordable clinical tests, and third-party radiology will be available to patients.


TDMD Primary Care is dedicated to providing affordable medical care to Sanford and its surrounding communities through a direct health care model in which prices are tailored to the needs of each individual. Direct treatment gives the patient more time to establish a direct therapeutic relationship with the doctor or clinic.