Primary Care Physician Services Apex

An affordable medical facility is your birth right, and you should attain it whenever required

TDMD direct primary care services take care of all your treatment without giving you the stress of expenses incurred. Whether you are insured, there will be no obstruction in delivering essential medical services. If you have medical insurance, we have a provision to make you submit a claim on your own. There's nothing to worry about if there is no such thing, as your primary care services will keep going on uninterruptedly.


We ensure you get the best treatment at TDMD primary care and offer hassle-free medical services for any of your health concerns. We aim to serve you in a better way. Just book an appointment with us as you may get the same-day appointment with us.

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At TDMD primary care, we ensure you get the on-time medical treatment without letting you think too much. Our physicians make a home visit within 25 radius of clinic to offer essential treatment at your convenience. Taking treatment from us is pretty affordable and lowest than other medical centers.


We make sure that your health crises get resolved soon with the therapy offered to you by our best primary care physicians in Apex, NC. You can trust us as it's an essential basis of your medical treatment. This will create confidence in you to turn to us for timely medical treatment, and we ensure you will get the best service from our physician.


We aim to create proper coordination with the patient as the established connection makes things easier for us to navigate the health crises and develop appropriate health solutions. Your routine check-up with primary care providers helps you know the physician who has a wealth of information to share with you. He will surely provide you with essential tips to keep your body fit and fine and record your health information in the medical records that can prove to be helpful for future reference.

Our Direct Primary Care Services Ensure Your Sound Health

Our TDMD primary care services are best known for rendering quality services to patients with medical insurance and making them save huge bucks that were supposed to be paid to insurance companies, including service charges to get medical expenses reimbursement. We have made provision to directly pay us as they do to insurance companies as premium every year.


All you need to pay is less than the medical insurance premium and conveniently pay the physician directly as per the expenses incurred. We aim to relieve the financial burden on the patient and make him feel relaxed. We aim to give you sound health with much-essential medical treatment without any worries about the cost involved as you don't have to remain dependent on the insurance companies for reimbursement of expenses incurred.

THe primary care physicians in Apex, NC, are trained and have the expertise to take care of the patients as they know to treat a broad range of medical issues bringing effective medicine into use at the right time. If the physician does not fulfill your medical needs at the apex primary care clinic, they will find a specialist who can resolve your health issues.


At TDMD Primary Care Clinic in Apex, NC, we ensure your medical condition will be improved, and we will do it by finding a specialist who will assess your situation and start giving the best treatment that makes you feel relieved from the problem.

The primary health care physician also coordinates with specialists to ensure your medical condition is properly assessed and managed prior & post-treatment. You do not have to worry about anything event the cost and focus on following the do's and don'ts prescibed by specialists to recover from an ailment with no chance of its recuperation.